Flying, 2020.

Imagine our embarrassment when we both showed up to the flight wearing the same clear plastic poncho. 

In her defense, I much prefer those who err on the caution vs. virus-denying rednecks. Speaking of Dallas, I arrived here yesterday. 
It’s always interesting to be back. Slight change in itinerary: I was supposed to stay with my friend Michelle this week, but she woke up not feeling well on Friday. Her doctor is 99% sure she didn’t contract COVID, but Michelle has been fighting lung cancer for three years and is compromised, so while she waits for her virus test results, I’m staying in a hotel for the first few days. The place is empty. All I need is a Big Wheel to complete The Shining motif. 
So I’m on my own and making the most of it. I ordered out from Cracker Barrel for the first time in my life last night, and my takeaway is that obesity is delicious.

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