Top Reasons to Live in Houston

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Living in Houston brings plenty of thrills for every walk of life. The warm weather and breeze off the Gulf keeps the city bustling and as the most populated city in Texas, there are tons of interesting things to do to keep every one of the 2.3 million residents entertained. Some of our favorites involve planets, starships and much more!

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An Otherworldly Experience

Surprisingly, one of the most exciting parts of living in Houston involves leaving the city. Houston’s rich astronautical history has created a culture that keeps its residents dreaming beyond the stars. There are even plenty of places to take in all of this rich outer space history, including the Space Center Houston with over 400 artifacts like the world’s largest collection of moonrocks viewable to the public. The Space Center Houston is also home to NASA mission control, the International Space Station Mission Control, and is an astronaut training center.

Blasting Through the Standings

Sticking with the otherworldly theme, the Houston Rockets’ recent success is alien to many other franchises in the National Basketball Association. A perennial threat in the league’s Western Conference, the Rockets made a big splash before the 2017-18 season by acquiring superstar point guard Chris Paul and subsequently competing for a 65-17 record — complete with MVP honors for shooting guard James Harden. The city of Houston took notice of the team’s success and the Rockets saw an average attendance of 17,900 fans, up nearly 1,000 from the year prior, making it an exciting time to be a fan.

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