A Testimonial.

Whenever I do a Zoom chat with a woman I’m dating, I’ll dare her to show me hers if I show her mine. Then we both lower our cams to see each other’s dogs. 

But since the quarantine began, my dog, and me, for that matter, looked murky at best. I tried every light source I could blind myself with, but nothing worked. Then it hit me: it’s not the lighting – it’s the camera inside my MacBook that’s shit. You can’t fool me for more than nine months. 
I researched like crazy and found an external camera for 54 bucks that is literally the difference between night and day. The NexiGo FHD. Simply plug in and play. 
I will say the dark and blurriness did have its advantages. I can no longer secretly each bowls of macaroni and cheese during calls. Four out of five stars.

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