Best Charlotte Epicentre Bachelorette Party Destination

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The night you have been waiting for has finally arrived — let’s kick it off with a howl! The best Charlotte Epicentre bachelorette party destination is Howl at the Moon, perfect for turning your biggest night of freedom into an unforgettable night out. Howl Charlotte brings celebrations of all kinds to their peak, complete with plenty of space for your guests to get wild in, unbeatable drinks and a live music experience that always brings the crowd to its feet. Ready to get your bachelorette party howlin’?

Charlotte bachelorette parties

Check out our bachelorette party packages:

Brides Gone Wild Packages

  • No cover, no waiting in line
  • Guaranteed seating
  • Complimentary stage call down for the bride-to-be (sometimes performed in a group)
  • Must arrive by 9 PM
  • $40 gift card

Jump the Line Packages

  • Guaranteed entry all night
  • No cover, no waiting in line
  • This package does NOT include seating
  • $10 gift card per pass


Bachelorette Upgrade Package

For an additional $20 the bride-to-be gets:

  • A bachelorette gift bucket with a Howl t-shirt
  • 1 X-rated fusion or blow job shot
  • Bachelorette themed gifts including a Howl “Bachelorette Checklist”

The best Charlotte Epicentre bachelorette party destination does more than set your night up for success — there is plenty to be discovered at our bar! Howl at the Moon’s staff keeps our venue stocked with an enormous selection of beers and every ingredient needed to pull off our legendary shots, cocktails and 86 oz. buckets — the perfect treat for any bride-to-be! Bring even more excitement into the mix with your very own drink package, featuring your guests favorite drinks available all throughout the night.

No celebration at Howl at the Moon is complete without the night’s show-stopping entertainment! Our musicians put on the most thrilling act in Charlotte for celebrations of all sizes, rocking a dueling pianos show filled with the biggest hit songs and the crowd’s best requests. The sooner you get onto the dance floor, the louder your night will begin to howl — bringing even more of Howl Charlotte’s musicians to the stage with guitars, drums and more to create a live music experience beyond what you could have imagined! Turn the biggest celebration of your life into an unforgettable experience when you host it at the best Charlotte Epicentre bachelorette party venue: Howl at the Moon.

Howl Charlotte loves making birthday parties, bachelor parties, bachelorette parties, corporate events, holiday parties and more unforgettable as well. Book your party today.

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