Cleared For Takeoff.

If you’re going to a medical facility to get the COVID vaccine, make sure you bring a valid form of ID along with a printout of your pro basketball stats. 

The rest of us must still get tested, especially if we’re traveling to New York, which I am tomorrow. My rapid test was negative, and I will now spend the next 12 days back east. 
While I won’t enjoy my traditional holiday in New York (Broadway and bars are shut down), it’ll be nice to change up my routine again. I got a taste of it Thanksgiving week in Dallas, and I’m hooked. 
I’ll miss Ricky. His head’s been inexplicably smelling like McDonald’s table syrup lately, and I can’t stop kissing it. He gets to go to his happy place – the fancy kennel – tonight. And for me, there’s already 10 inches of snow on the ground in New York. A white Christmas without the burden of shoveling. See you there.

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