Pretty, Pretty Good.

When we were really young, my mom used to tell people my brothers and I taught frat boys how to trash houses. 

It was our destiny. I joined the TEΦ house at the University of Maryland,  the same fraternity of which Larry David was president in the late 60s. Most frats loose their actual houses early and often thanks to misbehavior, but Maryland TEΦ miraculously managed to get kicked out and win it back in the 90s. 
Today, the frat is going strong in the same place Larry David and I were brothers. Hanging on the wall is some wise advice from Larry: 
To my TEΦ brothers –
Enjoy what will undoubtedly be the best years of your lives. 
-Larry David 
Tau Beta 857 (I think!) 
Tau Beta is our chapter number. Larry was the 857th (or so) member. I was 1467th.

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